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 Born in England, the Author is an Australian citizen. She worked in retail sales before opening a craft and antiques shop.
 Two, now adult daughters kept her life full, however  now retired to the south coast of New South Wales, she and her husband travel whenever they can.

She started writing at young age, enjoyed writing essays and assisting with school publications. After her short stories were published in magazines and she received an award for a romance story, her writing became more serious and she joined local writing groups. Invited to read her poetry and stories at assorted venues culminated in her first novel Man on a String published in 2012. This encouraged her to write Alive… and in Love, initially inspired by a cruise around the delightful Greek islands.

ALIVE ... and in Love   Published 2015 CUSTOM BOOKS Noveletta imprint


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ALIVE …and in Love

Jon held Denni close and danced, she loved to hold him and feel his warm body. She loved everything about Jon. His blue eyes were so bright; she was drawn to them like a moth to a flame.

Her heart was beating fast… as though she was scared. In fact she was scared, but not scared of Jon.

No, not of Jon…it was her own feelings that scared her!

She felt comfortable with Jon, her usual shyness with men had not been a problem. He was attentive to Denni, and his manners were impeccable. In fact she could not have found fault with him even if she tried.

Jon walked Denni back along the ocean front to her hotel. He held her hand and she felt wonderful…

                     She felt alive, and in love.

Published USA October 2015
 Released DECEMBER 2015
   ISBN 978-1517505417

58 PRINT Format:127 x 203 mm 
US Trade Paperback 46pp 
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