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Julie-Anne Geddes has lived most of her life in Sydney, where she was born. Recently, she moved to Wollongong, on the South Coast of New South Wales where she now lives with her partner of twenty-five years and their four children - two boys and two girls, aged between ten and twenty-one.
    The Author graduated from Macquarie University with a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) in 1995. During 1996 she completed a Narrative Therapy Professional Development Course. She attained a Masters of Arts (Forensic Psychology) in 1997; an Honours Masters degree in Counseling in 2005; and a Master of Creative writing in 2010.
    Julie-Anne has worked as a Family Support Worker, a Counselor with adolescents who have sexually abused others; as a dual diagnosis counselor at a youth service in Redfern, Sydney and as a Trauma Counselor. She has also been a trainer in Narrative Therapy. Currently, Julie-Anne runs her own private psychology practice in Wollongong where she especially enjoys assisting couples in developing their relationships.
     When not counseling, she enjoys reading novels, playing piano, painting, writing, walking along the beach, the bush, whale watching, looking after dogs, chickens and ducks, meditation, spirituality and loving her partner, children, family and friends.

      River MANTRA   Published 2015 CUSTOM BOOKS Noveletta imprint

RRP* US11.95   /GBP9.95   /EURO10.95   /AU$16.95   /NZ$18.95


Of Nepalese and Indian descent, Shyam faces losing Grace, the wife he loves unswervingly. Desperate to save his failing marriage, he must grapple with elusive love, as well as his distant and recent past.  
His erotic journey traverses cultural, spiritual and sexual boundaries and weaves across three continents. Unsure of his roots and what is expected of him, Shyam discovers a delightful relationship with a river in Nepal. His sensual meditation with the river brings solace to his fragmented self.  
The comfort of his river and the gentle rehearsal of love with three unique women help him become a better man but, like a river, the journey to redemptive love takes treacherous twists and turns. Does he discover the real meaning and beauty of love, or will the cost be too great?  
An erotically intriguing narrative of love and obsession that does not escape the ruse of fate and destiny.

 Published: 15 APRIL 2015

ISBN 978 1500
Trade Paperback 58 Extant 140pp 

   ACTS OF LOVE   Published 2014 CUSTOM BOOKS imprint


RRP* US$15.95  /GBP12.95 /EURO13.95 /AU$22.95  /NZ$23.95


This book is more than a self-help book, it is a comprehensive compendium on ways to love.

Love is the heart, soul and backbone of humanity. Love is necessary for humanity to survive, for children to grow, and for relationships to flourish. We are all capable of healthy, compassionate and wonderful relationships beyond what we already know.

We cannot think outside of what we can imagine or know.  We need to be shown and taught so we can learn more.

If you choose to love then this book will assist you to extend your knowledge of love and, if you allow it, take you beyond your love boundaries to a place where your relationships can soar. The potential for transformation beyond your wildest dreams is possible.

When our best thoughts and actions are aligned with all we prefer, then we feel comfortable in our own skin. We can then possess an amazing ability to love ourselves; love others; love our families; strangers and the world.

Over one thousand ways to think about love and to act lovingly are provided in this book.

This book can change your world!


 Published: 21 JUNE 2014
ISBN 978 1500173791

Extant 188pp 


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